iOS UI Automation: Adding Screen Capture Functionality to UIAElement

UIATarget has two screen capturing functions namely captureScreenWithName and captureRectWithName. The function captureScreenWithName allows you to capture the whole iPhone screen while the captureRectWithName allows you to capture a portion of the screen as specified in the first parameter which is of type Rect. The following code snippet gives an easier way to capture a specific UIAElement without the need to specify the Rect parameter:

UIAElement.prototype["captureRectWithName"] = function(pstrFileName)
       if (!pstrFileName)
            pstrFileName =;
       UIATarget.localTarget().captureRectWithName(this.rect(), pstrFileName);

The idea is to extend the UIAElement and encapsulate within the captureRectWithName the call to the rect() function.

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