Introducing Myself to iPhone Development

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For about a month now, I have been studying how to develop an iPhone application. Coming from the Windows world all my life as a developer makes this endeavor a bit more challenging. Not only do I need to study Objective-C which is the language used in developing an iPhone application but I also need to familiarize myself with the Mac OS. I’m trying to answer my subconscious mind about questions like “Where’s my explorer?”, “How do you launch an application?”, “How do you copy, cut, and paste from/to clipboard?”, etc.  I was able to get over that challenge of working on  a new operating system although I still understand there’s a lot more in Mac OS that I need to learn. At least, I can now code which is the main purpose why I am exploring a Mac OS. I hope to blog about them in the near future to help other Windows developers who will be venturing to iPhone development also. For now I just want to have some sort of an introductory post so that readers will know that I am shifting my blogs to iPhone Development stuff for a while.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution By license.
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