Brad Abrams of Silverlight/.Net Framework Going Google

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As I started a new Silverlight project, I thought of revisiting the Silverlight/WCF RIA Services Tutorial blog series by Brad Abrams. It was a very helpful tutorial series when I was working on WCF RIA Services.  Aside from the tutorials, he also wrote numerous books on the .Net Framework for many years. I then remembered that he resigned from Microsoft after the release of Silverlight 4 and .Net Framework 4. Now, I wondered where he’s now? In his last post at his MSDN blog, he left his contact information like his new blog site, Twitter, e-mail and Facebook accounts.

I was surprised that he’s Going Google! He accepted a Product Management position at Google and this week was his first week coinciding with the Google I/O! I think hiring Brad is something that makes sense considering his deep involvement in Silverlight and Google’s serious bet on HTML5. Brad will surely be a very big plus to HTML5 development!

Good luck Brad to you new company and role! You’ll surely be missed in the Microsoft development community!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution By license.
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