Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio Graduated from RC2

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The final bits of Silverlight 4 are out with the release of the Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio 2010. See Tim Heuer’s post about this release. Although Silverlight 4 was officially released in April, the installers as well as the download page still showed RC2. This is now definitely the final release of Silverlight 4!

I couldn’t find any information as to what’s new with this release although Tim mentioned that there’s no new update to Silverlight 4. He, however, emphasized that developers would have to uninstall the previous version of Wcf Ria Services Toolkit before installing this version. Anyway, I haven’t checked on the Silverlight TV: Silverlight Tools Released. Maybe it will give more information about this release.

You can download the installer from here.  Here’s the opening screen when you run the installer:


I don’t remember having Microsoft F# Runtime in my previous installations of Silverlight or maybe because I didn’t install F# in the past. Anyway, it doesn’t matter for me for now as I don’t use F#.

Update: A few minutes after I pushed the Publish button in my blog editor, ScottGu’s tweet about this release pops up! ScottGu provided details as well as snapshots of new features about this release in his blog post: Silverlight 4 Tools for VS2010 and WCF RIA Services Released.

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