Editing Captivate 3 Full Motion Recording File

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It’s my first time to use Captivate 3 and I am surprised that it doesn’t have the capability to sliced through the timeline of a Full Motion Recording (FMR) and delete or split some portions. It allows shortening the display of the video but you cannot delete even just the first few seconds of the video. Other similar products like Camtasia Studio and even Windows Movie Maker provide this capability. I just thought that maybe because the output of Captivate 3 is an SWF file and not an AVI. So maybe I’ll just find a way to convert an SWF file to an AVI so that I can use the Windows Movie Maker to delete some portions of the video. Not so good! There must be a way since Captivate 3 is a video capturing software. Doesn’t it make sense that a video capturing tool can be a video editing tool as well?

Luckily, I came across with this article and I found out that there is an editor for the Captivate 3 Full Motion Recording. Read on to this article. It includes the link to download the editor tool as well as step-by-step instructions on how to edit an FMR SWF.

I’m still wondering why an editing tool from Adobe has to be downloaded separately rather than including it in the Captivate 3 installer.

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2 Responses to Editing Captivate 3 Full Motion Recording File

  1. Rick Shelton says:

    Thanks for this information. I’ve spent a day trying to figure out how to edit video captured by Adobe Captivate 3. I assumed that I should be able to trim a video segment in a slide just like you can edit the audio. I downloaded the FMR Editor and it worked. I was able to shorten the .SWF file to match the audio edits I did in Captivate. I couldn’t get the edited video to show up in the old slide. I had to delete the video track and reimport. Then I could drag the duration to match the shorter audio and video track.

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