Use C# to Create iPhone Applications

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The same initiative that has brought Silverlight to the UNIX world comes up with an initiative to allow developers to create iPhone and iPod Touch applications using C#. iPhone and iPod Touch applications are written in Objective-C but with MonoTouch, “the Mono edition for Apple’s iPhone and Apple’s iPod Touch devices”, C# can now be used. This initiative is being developed by the open source community that handles the Mono Project which aims to allow UNIX developers to create cross-platform .NET applications like Silverlight. MonoTouch acts as a bridge between C# and Objective-C as it compiles C# application to run on iPhone and iPod Touch devices. According to the MonoTouch website (, a limited beta is expected in August and a release is expected in September.

Requirements: a Mac, MonoTouch installer, XCode and iPhone SDK. Unfortunately, XCode and iPhone SDK do not work yet on a Windows machine. Looking at the brighter side, this should speed up the creation of iPhone prototypes as it reduces the learning curve as far as Objective-C is concerned.

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