March 2009 CTP of Silverlight LOB Controls from Infragistics Now Available

I know I’m one week late to announce this in my blog. March 2009 CTP of Silverlight LOB controls from Infragistics is now available for download! I’ve been watching out for this as early as the first week of March and I was surprised to read in a blog this morning that the March CTP was released last March 23. I don’t know yet what really are in it but what is significant to know is that this release is built on Silverlight 3 Beta. That’s the main reason I haven’t explored it yet. My project is currently developed in Silverlight 2 and I will have to setup another development environment to test if my source code will work in Silverlight 3 Beta. For the meantime, I’ll just believe while not seeing for myself what’s new based on the following links:

Product Overview:

Release Blog:

I know you gonna ask this same question: Why Silverlight 3 Beta for this CTP? Here’s the answer:

I’ll just wait for the right time to upgrade to Silverlight 3 Beta and that may be as early as next week after demos to the project stakeholders are all done. J

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